Live Houses

ライブハウス (Live House) is a Japanese-English word meaning small club for live music.

On Tokyo Gig Guide, it is used to mean "venue" of any type, big or small.

Once logged in, click Add a Livehouse on the menu in the right sidebar.

The required fields are Live House, Area and Website.

Please also include an address and an image


Before adding a Live House, do a search and make sure it isn't already on the site! If you would like to change the details of a Live House already on the site, send a private message to admin (craig) or leave a comment under the Live House.

If it is for a one-off event or at a venue that doesn't usually hold events, please don't add it as a new live house.



Live House: Add the title of the live house in English.

Address (English):  (optional) Enter the address in English if you can. The postcode is not necessary.

Area: The closest station or area - Shinjuku, Koenji etc.

Website: A link to the homepage of the live house. Include http:// and no spaces.

Address (Japanese): (optional) Enter the address in Japanese if you can.

Map Link: (optional) Enter the URL of a map or access information.

Closest stations: (optional) The station(s) near the venue.

Details: (optional) If you can, try to include directions to the live house. Other details are also useful such as a phone number, email address, description of the live house, photos etc. Please don't include info about gigs or promote your music here.

Image: Please add a logo or picture of the live house. (jpg, jpeg, png or gif up to 300kb)

Add a map: (optional) If you would like to add a Google map, click this checkbox and enter the Latitude and Longitude coordinates below. To find the latitude and longitude, click Get Coordinates which will take you to where you enter the address in the Address box and press Get GPS Coordinates. Make sure it's showing the correct location, then copy the Latitude and Longitude from the box and paste them into the corresponding fields in the Add a live house page.

Don't worry, if you don't add a map, one will be added later by admin.


Click Save!


You can only edit Live Houses that you have added. When logged in, open the page of the Live House you want to edit and you will see an icon on the top, under the title, next to the word 'Live House'. Click this and you can edit it. 

To access a list of all the Live Houses you have added, select Live Houses I've Added from the menu on the right.

You cannot edit an item that you didn't add. Leave a comment or message admin instead.

To delete a Live House, check the related Help item.

If you want to unpublish any Live Houses which you have added to Tokyo Gig Guide, when logged in, go to the menu at the top right of the page. Click Live Houses I've Added. A list of all the Live Houses you have added will be shown. Click the icon in the Status column next to the Live House. This will change the status from Published to Unpublished.

As this will just unpublish the Live House, you can edit it and republish it later if you like.

To permanently delete a Live House, please send a message or email to admin (craig).

On most Live House pages you will find a Google map to the venue. To open it in a new full screen page, click the Google logo in the bottom left of the map.

When you add a live house you have the option of including a Google Map.

You need to click the Add a map checkbox and then enter the Latitude and Longitude of the venue.

To find the latitude and longitude, go to and enter the address in the Address box and press Get GPS Coordinates.

Make sure it's showing the correct location, then copy the Latitude and Longitude from the box and paste them into the corresponding fields in the Add a live house page.

When adding live houses, you can upload or link to images and place them in the details box.

In the tool bar on top of the details box, click the image Insert/Edit Image icon (second from the right).


- To use an image from another site, just enter the URL and click Insert at the bottom.


- To upload an image, click the Upload icon (on the middle right side, next to the Help icon).

Then, you can either drag and drop image files into the window, or click Browse and select an image file from your computer.

Click Upload.

The uploaded image will appear in your File Browser. Click the image title and then click Insert.


You can adjust the size and alignment of the image in the Properties

After inserting the image, you can also adjust the size by clicking the corners of the image and stretching it.


Your File Browser will store all images that you have uploaded so you can reuse them when adding future live houses or gigs.


From the toolbar on top of the details box, click the Link icon (on the right).

A window will pop up. Enter the URL of the link and the text you want to show in its place, and click Insert.

Otherwise, highlight the text in the details box you want to link from before clicking the Link icon, then just enter the URL and click Insert.


Go to the Live Houses page. 

In the filter panel on top, select Area from the drop-down.

Enter the name of the area in English (Shinjuku, Koenji etc) in the box and click the Search button.

It will then only show the Live Houses in that area.

If the Google Map doesn't show on the Livehouse page, just refresh the page and it should then appear.

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