On Tokyo Gig Guide, "gig" is used to mean any kind of live music performance or event.

Once you are logged in, a user menu will appear in the right sidebar. Click Add a Gig from this menu.

Required fields are Gig, Date and Categories.

Please also include an Image, Live House, Details and Time!


Please make sure the gig isn't already on the site. Duplicates will be deleted.



Gig: Please include artist names (not just the actual event title) separated by commas.

Date: Use the calendar pop-up to select a date (format: 2017-12-31).

Open Time: Select the time the doors to the event open (24 hour time format).

Categories: Select at least one category for the event. More than one category can be selected by holding down CTRL after choosing the first one. Please only select up to 5 categories!

Start Time: (optional) Enter the time the event actually starts (24 hour time format).

Advance Price: (optional) Enter the price of tickets that can be bought before the day of  the event.

Door Price: (optional)  Enter the entry price that can be paid on the day of the event.

Tickets: (optional) Include any places, codes, etc to buy tickets.

Website: (optional) Enter a web address (Facebook, promoter etc) for further information. The Live House website is not necessary.

Details: Enter any further information like artist details, links etc. It is not necessary to repeat the Live House details or information already added above. Any YouTube or Vimeo URLs entered will automatically appear as videos when the gig is saved.

Live House: Click select and search for a Live House from the pop-up window. If the Live House is not listed, you can add one yourself. Otherwise, click No Venue and include the details above.

Image: Click Choose File and upload an image (jpg, jpeg, gif, png) of up to 300kb.


Then click Save!


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You can only edit gigs that you have added. When logged in, open the page of the gig you want to edit and you will see an icon on the top, under the title, next to the word 'Gig'. Click this and you can edit the event. 

To access a list of all the Gigs you have added, select Gigs I've Added from the menu on the right.

You cannot edit an item that you didn't add. Leave a comment or message admin instead.

To delete a gig, check the related Help item.

If you want to delete any gigs which you have added to Tokyo Gig Guide, when logged in, go to the menu at the top right of the page. Click Gigs I've Added. A list of all the gigs you have added will be shown. Select the gig you want to delete by checking the left column and then click the Trash icon at the top right.

Otherwise, you can just temporarily unpublish the gig. In this case, the gig will no longer be shown on the site but it will be available on your My Gigs list in case you want to republish it again later. The Unpublish icon is next to the Trash icon.

Just copy the full URL (not a shortened one) of the YouTube or Vimeo video and paste it into the gig details box. When the gig is saved, the video will show!



On the Gig Guide, individual Live House or Category pages, there is a Show Archive icon on the top right. Click that to see archived events. Click it again to return to current events.

When adding or editing a gig, it is possible to choose more than one category.

You can do this by holding down the CTRL key (Command on Mac) after choosing the first one.

Please only select up to 5 categories!

Send a message to admin (craig) with the request.

For regular events, a quick and easy way to create a repeat entry of a past gig is to change the date of an archived gig.

Just open the page of the archived gig, click edit and change the date. It's not really copying the event but just moving it out of the archives.
To find an archived gig, select Gigs I've Added from the menu on the right. 
On the top right you'll see the Show Archive icon. Click that and it will show the archived events. Open the gig from the list that appears below . On the gig page, click edit (the icon next to "Gig" under the title) and change the date.

1D, 1drink, + drink, ドリンク別, DRINK代別, D別, +ドリンク代, +D

These mean that you also have to pay for a drink ticket on the door (usually 500 yen) on top of the ticket price.


WF, W/F, With Flyer, W.Flyer

These mean that you will get a discount if you bring along a copy of the flyer for the gig.


OPEN, オープン

This is the time that the doors open and you can enter the venue.


START, スタート

This is the time that the first band or DJ starts playing.



This is the price if you buy tickets in advance.



This is the price for tickets if you buy them at the venue on the day of the gig.


PIA, LAWSON, eplus, e+

These are the names of ticket agencies. The numbers that follow these words are the codes to help you buy tickets from ticket vending machines. Check the TICKETS page for more details.

On the top right of the page of every gig, you will see an ICAL icon. Click this to download an iCalendar file to add the gig to your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Yahoo Calendar etc.

You can also find the icon at the bottom of the list of all gigs, and lists of gigs in Categories and at Live Houses.

When adding gigs, you can upload or link to images and place them in the details box.

In the toolbar on top of the details box, click the Insert/Edit Image icon (second from the right).


- To use an image from another site, just enter the URL, and click Insert.


- To upload an image, click the Upload icon (on the middle right side, next to the Help icon).

Then, you can either drag and drop image files into the window, or click Browse and select an image file from your computer.

Click Upload.

The uploaded image will appear in your File Browser. Click the image title and then click Insert.


You can adjust the size and alignment of the image in the Properties

After inserting the image, you can also adjust the size by clicking the corners of the image and stretching it.


Your File Browser will store all images that you have uploaded so you can reuse them when adding future gigs.


From the toolbar on top of the details box, click the Link icon (on the right).

A window will pop up. Enter the URL of the link and the text you want to show in its place, and click Insert.

Otherwise, highlight the text in the details box you want to link from before clicking the Link icon, then just enter the URL and click Insert.



Refresh your browser's cache and try again.

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